Vamp had commissioned the Artist Then One to create some amazing vibrant and radical Graffiti Murals. We are more then happy with the results!

The Murals at Vamp are a reflection of Vamp's lively and avant-garde spirit. All the Murals were done with spray paint. Then's Murals can be seen both on the Interior and also the Exterior of Vamp... allowing Vamp to really shake up Suburbia!

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Throughout Vamp you can see the modern and industrial feel that is brought to life especially by the detailed and well manufactured custom metal work. The front entrance facade which looks like a garage and the 2nd floor railings which immulate a chain-link fence bring an element of modern grit . The front desk, Stylists stations, back-bar sink shelving, pedicure bench and waxing room are crisp and precise designs made with ingenuity. These custom pieces are a signature of Vamp's and put the clean and contemporary into our already colorful space.

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